Sunday, January 30, 2005

brutal cincinnati damage

bobby vomit reports in from the massive noise show in cincinnati... sounds like one hell of an experience.

if you've never heard the legends about bobby vomit's emails, he says he treats email like an artform, and plays loose with conventions of spelling, punctuation, etc. i have left it here verbatim and unedited so you can get the real vomitmail experience.

 mockbees was fuckin rad

   literally m,,,, ask jason ,was a factory renivated
into art warhouse space awsom huge domed blocked vault
like tube chambers 2 downstairs 2 upstairs and huge 30
or 40 foot ceiling ball room they sold beer had movie
projectors playing it was like a noise rave in fucking
sane so i played in the main room up stairs but true
to the werd we set up a gurilla rig matts fuckin loud
pa jason played guerilla in cincinati but ticket is
now that i got my mavckie mono tape recorder i use it
sounds great and i got his hole set and mine so if you
want to post it werd.. and also i got or had jason
make me some buttons so i got a couple more fore you
cool ,,and i got your fuckn stallio bobby vomit remmix
done fuckin insane and i plaid it it is one of my
favorite prepared peices of old data storage disk ever
,, sold four tapes unszene bobby vomit shared stereo ,
i need to make you a copy ,and make a tpe with ya
,............ and one record traded for two cds and a
tape walked aeay with 5 beers in me a tape a flier 2
cds and a (social junk) patch very good show....i will
tell maore about line up to you later i was only there
on day .......

cribs: "jason" is unszene. "matt" is bobby's cousin, aka matt turd from monster pagan death ride and days & nights in the skeleton crew. and the "stallio bobby vomit remmix" is most likely a playable art piece created out of copies of my true data 12".

did you enjoy that? maybe there should be a bobby vomit blog. would you like that? would he even post? i wonder... it would be one hell of a blog.

i'll post again soon with details of the extremely successful exbe 3 showcase

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