Friday, January 07, 2005

now i need to grab a nuvo...

this week's issue of nuvo has a best of 2004 list (like all media outlets do right now), & it turns out that rob g (co-host of the free zone as well as the guy who reviewed mmcb for imn) has included maura's milk chocolate bath as one of the "Top 10 new releases I listened to most in 2004"... so i need to grab a copy so i can see my name in 10pt print once again. (someday i'm going to start making collages out of old fliers & press clippings.... someday...)

this, along with tfy's inclusion of true data on his best of 2004 post on exbe, will probably be the only times i pop up in any "best of" lists this year, since mmcb came out in 2003 & there are only 90 copies at most of true data in circulation (buy my record, people! i have more than 100 left! i'm thinking i'll even reduce the price in 2005). but two is better than zero.

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