Monday, January 10, 2005

content flooding

so i've been thinking about implementing a new feature for 2005: an mp3 of the week. each week i would upload an mp3 from my discography. i have a lot of unreleased & rare shit out there, including old remixes, compilation submissions that were never released (or were, but with little/no distribution), stuff that i simply never publicly released for one reason or another, & lots of tracks that were previously "cassette only". hell, i could fill out the whole year simply with pre-bad taste stuff (like the "mighty mighty ben-boy" tapes), assuming i had a working tape deck that i could use to record the tapes to my hard drive.

this would also be an excuse to finally get my 4-track fixed so that i could "remaster" old 4-track stuff such as perpetual emotion machine.

i've also been talking to drbmd about releasing some of the old bad taste stuff online as mp3s. because nobody's really buying the stuff anyway, so we might as well make it available for download. i personally would rather people hear the stuff for free than not hear it at all. drbmd seemed supportive of the idea, but we probably need to finish the redesign of the bad taste site before then, & the redesign is going excruciatingly slowly...

anyway, now that my home computer is operating normally again, i might get that mp3-of-the-week up & online as soon as tonight. so stay tuned.

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