Tuesday, July 01, 2008

new backgrounds

it's a new month, so enjoy some new blog backgrounds (or don't enjoy them, as is your wont). originally i meant to put up new ones at the beginning of june, but the storms hit right around then, and we were without power for 37 hours, which put a damper on my computer time.

these new backgrounds come from my databending experiments, but they're not as loud as the ones from february, which were bent jpgs. these are actually raw data, reinterpreted as images and then meticulously cropped to form patterns. (pattern 3 was originally grayscale, and i altered it to make it purple, but the others have no edits except crops.)

if you hate these, then oh well. the current plan is to put up a new set at the beginning of september.

1 comment:

Wilson46201 said...

Gimme chromaticity !!!