Friday, July 18, 2008

post-roselyn rebranding

last month i mentioned my dream of taking photos of all the former roselyn bakery signs that have been rebranded by their new tenants.

yesterday, i happened to be in the neighborhood with a few spare minutes, so i parked and got some cellphone pics of this sign, at 38th street and ruckle. i particularly like the big green spot.

i tried to get some shots of the one downtown (now dunkin donuts), but i was driving and it was backlit, and my phone doesn't take very good photos, so those didn't turn out. (i've posted them to flickr anyway, so at least you can see what the sign looks like now.) i'll probably have to (pay to) park and bring a real camera in order to get some decent shots of that one.

i'm pretty sure there are more signs still out there, perhaps on the east or south sides, but i'm not exactly sure where.

update: post edited to reflect the correct spelling of "roselyn". a google image search for the correct spelling returns a couple tiny pics of old, unaltered signs, but i'd love a larger, better photo if anybody has one.


varangianguard said...

There's one a block north of Raymond on Shelby St, but they may have taken down the sign.

There is another at the corner of Edgewood & Madison Aves. It is some kind of tax preparer company too, I think.

stAllio! said...

thanks. i'm not seeing the shelby st location on google street view. it looks like that's a revol now, and the sign has been torn down for something more conventional.

but the one at edgewood & madison is still there (or was when the google van drove by). looks like that's a liberty income tax place.

varangianguard said...

Why do I encourage you? Here is an address list of all the former Roselyn Bakery locations. no guarantee that they all still stand, much less that the signage still hanging around.

Roselyn locations

stAllio! said...

normally i would consider it a bad thing for a site like to be 9+ years out of date, but in this case, it's awesome.

in addition to the signs already discussed, google street view indicates one at 5321 e washington (cash & go), 6805 e 38th st (payday loans), and 3701 n post rd (another payday loans). street view is unavailable for 5456 w 34th st, so i can't tell if there's one there or not.

the rest appear to be gone (at least i can't find them on street view). that's a little depressing.