Saturday, July 12, 2008

opera relocating to old greek church

i know they've been working on getting this deal together for awhile. it's great for the opera, and good for the neighborhood, which was understandably concerned about finding a worthy new tenant:

When Indianapolis Opera relocates next spring to a Greek Orthodox church building on Pennsylvania Street, the move will put the company less than half a mile from its current headquarters.

But the relocation could revolutionize the opera's performances, adding edgier shows to the standards it will continue to perform at Clowes Hall.

"We would be in a better position to take risks in a smaller space, because we wouldn't have to depend on filling a 2,000-seat hall," Jim Caraher, the opera's artistic director, said after Friday's news conference announcing the move from a brick house at 250 E. 38th St. to property formerly owned by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 4011 N. Pennsylvania St.

Because the Holy Trinity sanctuary will be converted into a roughly 400-seat theater, Indianapolis Opera will no longer be faced with performing only favorites such as "Carmen" or "La Boheme" that fill Clowes and help balance the budget.

i grew up right around the corner from holy trinity—people would park in front of our house to attend the annual greek festival. so it's sad to think that the church is relocating to the suburbs, presumably taking the festival with it (greek fest 2008 will still be at the old location). but mini-opera house... that's pretty cool, too.

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Wilson46201 said...

"This is my box.
This is my box.
I never travel without my box!"

`` Amahl and the Night Visitors (music and libretto by Giancarlo Menotti)

That's one of the proposed new small operas that might be performed in the new venue. As you can tell, I'm not wild about that particular choice -- luckily there are zillions of good operas designed for teeny venues including the 4 Britten "Church operas" written to be performed in small church auditoria. Love that "Noye's Fludde"!