Tuesday, July 15, 2008

new track: rockin' the pop charts

recently i was invited to contribute to a compilation for a new record label out of france called handicap records. the comp, which will be the label's first release, will be 12" featuring tracks by six artists, including the wood crew, killjoy, and doormouse. the record is scheduled to come out in the fall, around the same time as my wedding show (featuring doormouse), which i thought was appropriate. (we'll see if it actually comes out by then; having put out a record myself, i know how easily the schedule can slip.)

so here's my new track, soon to be released on vinyl. it's titled "rockin' the pop charts". if you liked my last EP, mash smarter not harder, then you'll love this track, because it continues on in the direction i embarked on with that that EP. (if you're not familiar with mash smarter not harder, what the hell, man? it's been available for free download since may!)

with the mash smarter material, i let the tracks move organically, at a natural pace, to really explore some of the ideas without rushing anything. as a result, some of those tracks were pretty long—the epic closer "the future sound of retro" clocks in at almost 9 minutes. but since this track is for a vinyl record with five other tracks on it, i didn't have time for such nonsense. in other words, this track is like mash smarter but moves twice as briskly. if that sounds like your cup of tea, then hurry up and get to clicking.

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