Friday, June 27, 2008

shorter matt tully

shorter matt tully: how do i love mayor greg ballard? let me count the ways:

10. he's lousy at public speaking.
9. his panhandling plan won't work, but it's something.
8. he flip-flopped on the super bowl and arts funding, which is good because his old position was stupid.
7. he's been really lucky so far. i mean, really lucky.
6. he didn't do too good a job at fixing potholes.
5. i think his chinatown idea is great.
4. did i mention how lucky he's been?
3. he hasn't messed up! (other than #10, #9, #8, #6, #5, and #2.)
2. actually, he hasn't done much at all, except for...
1. he's in charge of the police department now. see, that's something!

matt tully xoxoxoxoxo


Wilson46201 said...

As a 66 year old gay male, I was positively fascinated by Matt Tully's skill at fellatio. Damn, he's good!

Last week it was Mitch, this week Greg Ballard. McCain's coming to town - will he get that "special welcome" from Tully?

ruth holladay said...

Matt's list of "what not to say in politics" today is sadly but not surprisingly bad. The guy is doing no reporting.
Heck of a note, heck of a note. So much happening, and so little in print in prime real estate. And from the political columnist! Where's the beef????
But on the upswing: Will Higgins has another good piece on a little flooded-out burg in Shelby Co., and Ketzenberger has a fascinating read on Paul Ogden's lawsuits.
I think Matt talks too much to Dennis Ryerson. Kiss of death. No guts, no glory.

Anonymous said...

I think someone has muzzled Tully...he used to be on point more often. Now it is all fluff

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