Thursday, June 12, 2008

shorter gary welsh

shorter gary welsh: i know barack obama is corrupt, because i'm from illinois and everyone from illinois is corrupt. and if you don't believe that obama had coked-up gay sex with an ex-felon in the back of a limousine, then you're probably a dope-smokin' hippie like ruth holladay (who i hate).


Wilson46201 said...

Concerning Gary Welsh, Chris Spangle put it well recently: "You know it's bad when Bil, Wilson, Amos, Abdul, the conservative blogosphere and the liberal blogosphere all agree on something. And that something is how much of a nut you are, lol."

M Theory said...

Gary didn't say everyone from Illinois is corrupt...he said that Patrick Fitzgerald has studied Illinois government and that the government is a cesspool of corruption.

For that matter Republican politics are a cesspool too and he gives pretty much equal time to his own party.

Why Gary stays with the R's is beyond me, but he thinks they can be cleaned up. Problem is the Republican pond doesn't have a filtration system and neither does the Democrat party. That's why they are filty.

My whole point is when are people going to stop swimming in those filthy ponds of Republican and Democrat and wake the hell up?

Politicians and their policies from those parties have caused the America we have today...eroding freedoms, high taxes, crumbling infrastructure, sprialing inflation, and the news today from the central bank stating that we're poised for a Great Depression.

What amazes me is that ordinarily smart people keep going back to the same parties year after year to keep being abused. You wouldn't stay with a husband that beat you, why would you stay with a party that betrays your trust?

Why so much blind loyalty for politicians who landed you in the America we have today whose economy, personal freedoms, and infrastructure is literally crumbling?