Monday, June 09, 2008

does gary welsh kill puppies?

reliable sources tell me that blogger gary welsh, of advance indiana, loves killing puppies. in particular, my sources inform me that his favorite method of killing them is by drowning.

when gary was recently confronted about these rumors, he notably refused to deny the allegations and instead attacked the messenger, simply for trying to get to the bottom of this serious story about whether he is a puppy murderer.

the fact that he refuses to deny the charges pretty much proves that they're true. after all, what does he have to gain by leaving such shocking charges unanswered? if the charges were in fact false, i'm sure he would have no problem making an emphatic denial.

when will the mainstream media start reporting on this important story of a puppykiller in our midst?


brian-k said...

To paraphrase Tom DeLay, unless he proves me wrong, Welsh is a puppy killer.

Wilson46201 said...

Even if Welsh denies puppy-killing, what would that prove? Wouldn't you expect a notorious puppy-killer to deny it?

ruth holladay said...


ruth holladay said...

Godwin????? (Yhis is a question only Wilson can answer.)

Wilson46201 said...

"Godwin's Law" states that when an Internet discussion invokes Hitler or Nazis, the argument is over.

snark & coffee, yum! said...

Thank you, stAllio!, for staying on the cutting edge of tbis story. The fact that the rumored video of Walsh drowning puppies has not made it to YouTube only proves there is a much larger conspiracy going on. There is this guy who says he killed puppies with Walsh one night in college and although he has flunked a few lie detector tests, he was at the state Republican Convention signing autographs and having his picture taken with various bigwigs. This is serious business. The longer Walsh ignores these charges and refuses to refute them, and the longer he does not get credit for not blogging about this serious issue, the more it proves that he has a free pass from the mainstream media and is certain to bring this state and nation to ruin.

Libby said...

ok, mercy me that was a lot of stuff over at Ruth's...
since I am only a part time reader (and only that part b/c I'm your sister) but isn't Welsh in the same group that hated Julia Carson? Is is all democrats he has issues with or something more??
and stallio a nazi? are you kidding me? methinks he misses the irony


Love Gary or not, his blog still gets tens of thousands more hits than this blog which should tell you something about the quality of his work.
I know what kind of traffic Advance Indiana gets be cause Gary links our blog and is always a top referrer to the HFFT.
Gary and I don't always see eye to eye, but he gets it right most of the time.

stAllio! said...

oh melissa, you are too funny.

if popularity == quality, then american idol is the greatest show on television and mariah carey is the greatest recording artist ever.

also, by the popularity standard, the democratic party is awesome, and the libertarian party sucks big time.


I didn't say a word about popularity, it is about who has real influence.

Do you pick on Gary just for the sake of picking on him? Because your remarks have no substance to them.

And my point is that I seriously doubt policy makers stop by your blog, as entertaining as it can be sometimes.

Conversely, policy makers do check in with, Howey's Daily Wire, Advance Indiana, Indiana Barrister and other sources of well researched analysis.

Gary is well educated and works very hard. Many of us count on him to bring things to our attention that we would ordinarily miss without him being there.

It is tacky to attempt to discourage people who work hard, even if you disagree with them.

stAllio! said...

Do you pick on Gary just for the sake of picking on him? Because your remarks have no substance to them.

i don't know what you're talking about. i take my reporting seriously, and i'm reporting on a serious rumor that gary welsh kills puppies.

Anonymous said...