Wednesday, April 30, 2008

good old caller ID...

so the caller who push-polled me last night didn't block his number from my caller ID, which is how i knew that the call came from miami. i went ahead and searched for the whole number, which led me to a company called sun surveys. this is definitely the company that called me; their contact number is the one that showed up on my caller ID.

i haven't had any luck so far tracking down this nebulous "AP research" company that called my parents (and others). the name is just too hard to filter: i'm getting lots of hits about the associated press and advanced placement exams, and not much of use. it might be a lot easier with a telephone number, but my parents don't have caller ID.

if you caught my previous update, my currest theory is that two different campaigns are doing push polling: carolene mays is behind the AP research calls and orentlicher is behind the sun surveys calls. (in other words, of the four frontrunners, the two that are behind are now doing push-polling.) i could be wrong, and they could all be coming from the same place, but i doubt it.


Anonymous said...

I did a BlueIndiana diary about this about a month ago.

It was a Florida phone number (305 area code) and they identified themselves as AP Research.

Sandra said...

AP Research is none other than Sun Surveys using another name. I would know, I used to work there. They also use trial software illegally.