Thursday, May 01, 2008

stAllio! - mash smarter not harder out now!

mash smarter not harder isn't just an EP. it's an audio manifesto, a roadmap to a mashed-up future. the goal of this EP isn't just to generate downloads or make you shake your ass—though it promises to do both—but to spawn a new golden age of mashups.

with this EP, stAllio! introduces a brand-new style that takes the mashup aesthetic to the next level. samples shuffle in and out, then back in again before you even notice them. the music flips, skips, and hops between your favorite hits so effortlessly you could be forgiven for thinking it was all meant to be this way. this new style—whatever you call it: post-mashup, dance collage, new-school bootleg—mixes the energy and danceability of Girl Talk with the subversive wit of Negativland and Cassetteboy.

if you love mashups, if you used to love mashups but nowadays find them a bit boring, or if you're just interested in remixing, sampling, audio manipulation, and the like, you need to download mash smarter not harder immediately. get it now and get on the bandwagon while there's still room.

is this EP as good as we say it is? is it even possible for a record to live up to this much hype? the only way to find out is to download it right now! you've got nothing to lose, because the download is FREE!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant, what I've been wanting to hear (or see) for a long time. Question is, would you ever attempt to do this sort of thing live? It would take a little planning, but I think it would also be a nice change to see a DJ actually working behind the decks instead of what I'm used to seeing - they pick up one album and play it, then on goes the next album... ad nauseum. They may beat-match or fiddle a little with the controls blending one song seaminglessly into the other one one track at a time, but fuck me, that's boring.

Can't wait for the next downloads.

Are there still torrents floating around of previous work? I have this and I have Wack Cylinders, but I feel like I've walked into a party that's been on for a while and all the cake's gone.

stAllio! said...

i will be playing this material live, but using a laptop, not in the sense you mean. a lot of these samples are only one measure long (if that), so doing it live using vinyl or whatever would probably require several decks and at least a couple djs.

for downloads, check the bad taste ears section. there's an earlier stAllio! album, plus you might want to check out my "band" animals within animals.