Saturday, May 03, 2008

mashup accomplished!


in just two days of release, more people have downloaded my post-mashup EP mash smarter not harder than my previous release, wack cylinders. if you're not one of those people, you can be! download mash smarter not harder now, before all your friends get it first. this is probably my most accessible (and dance-friendly) work ever, and perfect for those who found previous stAllio! or AWIA releases too abrasive. you can even go all out and download mash smarter desktop wallpapers (more coming soon).

i'm in the process of converting this material into a more improvisation-friendly format for live shows, so that i can basically remix the stuff live rather than just press play like some plunderphonic acts... the live debut of the new style will be friday, may 23, in niles, michigan. and of course, i'll be playing this stuff and (hopefully) some new stuff at my wedding show in october... if you can wait that long.

i've also updated the stAllio! discography, both to include the latest releases and to match the new design (though entries for older releases still have the old look). the entry for wack cylinders even lists all known samples in the album. as for mash smarter not harder, i haven't released a sample list yet... i've been toying with having a trainspotter contest to see who can be first to name all the samples, but i don't know what i'd give away for a prize.

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