Saturday, May 31, 2008


while in columbus i caught a bit of a local weather forecast; the local spin was that columbus was going to miss the impending storms, but i could see the storms would hit indiana.

little did i know that the coming storms would leave us without power. the power cut off shortly after 11 pm last night. i'm writing this from a nearby wifi network. no telling when power will be returned—it could be days or it could already be back on—so i'll be away from computer.

tickets to the wedding show were supposed to go on sale tomorrow (june 1). if i'm still without power, obviously that will have to be delayed.

update: power is finally back, after 37 hours without. also, the unexpected shutdown seems to have fried my tower (i'm writing this from the laptop), so now i have to work on getting that fixed. it's looking like i might have to reinstall windows.

at any rate, i should be ready to start selling advance tickets for the wedding show tomorrow (june 2).

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Anonymous said...

this has been about the suckiest long weekend ever!