Saturday, April 26, 2008

the time for robots is now

virago's father & grandmother drove into town yesterday,* and grandma decided she wanted to check out that building with the dinosaurs bursting out of it, which she remembered from her last visit: the children's museum. mind you, there were no children among us, but i hadn't been there in more than 10 years and the rest of the group had never been before, so off we went.

we didn't make it further than the second floor, but there were some great exhibits, the coolest of which was definitely the robots + us exhibit. unfortunately, we didn't discover the exhibit until right before it was due to end: tomorrow is the last day. on the bright side, two new cool-looking exhibits open up: one called comic book heroes and another about animation.

* they drove in from springfield, IL and arrived an hour and a half late. why? because they didn't know that indiana is now on a different time zone than illinois in the summer. going to DST was supposed to permanently answer the question of "what time is it in indiana?" but only made it more difficult. then again, what do i know? i'm just a redneck.

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