Saturday, April 19, 2008

i hope you paid your gas bill on time...

because if not, you may be in trouble:

A computer server containing Social Security numbers and other personal information of 700,000 people was stolen last month from a Southside debt-collection bureau in what appears to be the largest computer security breach in Indiana history.

The information includes customer-billing records for about 100 Indiana businesses, including Citizens Gas & Coke, St. Vincent Health system and Methodist Medical Group.

The exposed data was limited to past-due billing information that had been turned over for debt collection to the Central Collection Bureau, the agency announced today. Other customers, whose accounts were in good standing, were not affected.

it's bad enough if your bill has been sent to collections, without having to worry about your identity being stolen. of course, the irony is that if your name is on that server, then you probably don't have much credit for any identity thieves to steal.

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