Monday, April 21, 2008

guess who went to hitler's birthday party?

you might not have known that yesterday, april 20, was hitler's birthday. but tony zirkle, republican candidate for indiana's 2nd district, knew. he even attended a birthday party for hitler yesterday, held by a neo-nazi group in chicago. hoosier access has the scoop, along with photos of zirkle at the gathering, standing betwixt two swastikas and in front of a portrait of the fuhrer. (my favorite part is the adorable "happy 119th birthday" banner on the table. i bet they had cake and punch, too.)

zirkle attracted attention last month for suggesting that segregation might be a good idea, and before that for shredding a vintage issue of playboy, advocating the return of the guillotine, and more. but while he's always been entertainingly out-there, the fact that he would openly speak to—and let himself be photographed with—neo-nazis takes his candidacy to an entirely new level. after this, i'll be surprised if the indiana GOP doesn't force him to drop out of the race.

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