Thursday, July 27, 2006


long-time readers will remember that i've long been addicted to the civilization video game franchise, including the current civ game, civilization IV. i've been hooked ever since i played the original civilization at a friend's house back in high school, and civ IV is so good that i made the mistake of showing it to my girlfriend, which immediately got her hooked, too.

a new expansion pack, civilization IV: warlords, hit stores on tuesday, and i rushed out to grab a copy that morning. my schedule has been pretty light while i wait for freelance work to come in, so since tuesday i've been spending a good deal of my time playing, which means there likely won't be too many blog posts this week, though i am still checking my email every couple hours. (that said, i might have an announcement about a web design project soon.)

the expansion pack adds cool new features—i've been waiting for the "vassal state" option since hearing about it months ago—along with some really interesting new scenarios. i've been playing the "vikings" scenario a lot so far, and last night virago & i tried out the "gengis khan" scenario, finding it to be pretty cool as well.

if you're familiar with civ IV and want to know more about the warlords expansion, check out civfanatics' warlords info center, which has basic info about many of the new additions to the game.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for telling me about this. I had Jerame go out and get it for me, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. Did you see the Civ Rome game too? Sim City meets Civilization?

stAllio! said...

civcity: rome sounds like it could be pretty cool... way more complex than sim city. maybe when it comes down in price, i'll give it a shot, but i don't need to buy another video game right now.

the reviews on amazon aren't very good, though.