Saturday, July 15, 2006

BB Freelancing

i've mentioned before that i'm trying to get started as a freelance copy editor. i have a moderate amount of experience editing general reference and consumer books, and i have tons of experience editing computer and technical books. i'm still at the stage where i'm looking for clients, but i have some a few leads and one client has already expressed interest.

i've set up a new website for my freelancing business: i might edit the text further—editing your own writing is hard—but the site is probably ready to go public. i designed everything on the site, including the butterfly logo pictured above, which i like a lot.

my business's main focus is copy editing, specifically for the computer and technical publishing markets. but as regular readers know, i've been doing a lot of web design and development recently (in fact, i've been working on one new design that will go live very soon). i really enjoy web work and hope to continue, so BB Freelancing also offers web design and development services.

maybe it's a bad idea to offer such dissimilar services on the same website. i suppose it's possible that potential editing clients could see the web design stuff and think i'm not serious about copy editing, though i hope my experience will dissuade them of that idea. on the other hand, maybe they'll like that i have other skills and decide that i'm more qualified because of it. i guess it could go either way.

like i said, i'm looking for clients, so if you have any leads, send 'em my way. (there seem to be a lot of publishing employees in the indiana blogosphere.) and if you're interested in hiring me to do some web work for you, my schedule is pretty open at the moment.


paul said...

i'll keep my ears to the ground. good luck!

paul said...

actually probably just one ear... at a time anyway

Anonymous said...

love the logo!