Sunday, July 09, 2006

stAllio! "eggify" music video

did you ever stay up late, trying to watch an "adult" movie on a scrambled cable channel that you weren't subscribed to? it's not possible on newer digital cable/satellite systems, which will simply tell you that you don't receive that channel, but on the old analog systems, you could sometimes catch a glimpse of warping, distorted, discolored ghosts gettin' it on. it seems kind of quaint today, with the internet so full of pr0n that avoiding adult content sometimes requires effort, but once upon a time, horny teens often had to resort to such indignities in order to get an occasional peek at some boobs.

do you ever watch tv with the closed-captioning on? i used to, and i was fascinated by the bizarre stuff that would turn up. even minor signal interference would cause glitches, color changes, and all sorts of odd things to show up in the CC text. around 1999, i made it a point to record some of this CC gibberish using a handheld camcorder. i also recorded some scrambled spice channel, and some video feedback using a nice, large tv. then i edited all that stuff together into this video, for a track from perpetual emotion machine.

note that this video is not work safe. there's not much nudity, and what nudity is there is warped and mutated, but every so often you can see a green nipple or some distorted blobs gyrating in a suggestive fashion.

enjoy. i've wanted to upload this for awhile, but i had to ensure that it wouldn't be too pixellated first. i encoded this to divx before uploading it, so it looks much crisper than the average youtube video.

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