Thursday, July 06, 2006


i've been looking into getting started freelancing, since there's still lots of editing work to be done out there; there just isn't much full-time work, at least not locally. getting people to give me that work will be the tricky part, as tax laws make it more complicated than it needs to be. (so if you know anyone who's looking for freelance copy editors, let me know. every contact helps.)

any book editor worth his salt needs to have a copy of the chicago manual of style. forget strunk and white; this is the definitive tome on style and grammatical issues for the US publishing industry. when i was still "in-house" i had a company-owned copy on my desk. now that i'm going solo, i need a copy for my personal library. it's a big, heavy hardcover and it lists for $55. but it's only $34.65 right now on amazon!

i was scanning the amazon page, getting ready to order my copy, when i noticed that someone had tagged the book with the tag "grammer" and i just had to share. (click pic for larger screenshot.)

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arratik said...

phew. for a second there i thought this post was going to be about the guy who played frasier crane.