Sunday, July 09, 2006

dr octagon in indianapolis

i didn't register for mms this year—frankly i just forgot about it, then the due date passed—but the schedule is up and there's at least one show that i need to attend:

Kool Keith AKA Dr. Octagon, is most renowned for being in the seminal, old school NYC hip hop trio, Ultramagnetic MCs. Hailing straight out of the mean side of the Bronx, Kool Keith has redefined the conventional hip hop styles and introduced his own "bizarre" take.

Dr. Octagon will perform at The Vogue Saturday August 12. Tickets will be $12 in advance, or you can purchase your MMS Wristband for only $20. Check out the new Dr. Octagon video for Aliens on our new fangled blog.

if you want to see the "aliens" video, i'd actually recommend going to (the video is higher resolution), but if you're interested in MMS, it couldn't hurt to check out their blog.

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