Monday, June 26, 2006

old-school hip-hop videos

if it wasn't bad enough that i stayed up too late watching videos on youtube, i spent a lot of time on there today tracking down old hip-hop stuff. enjoy.

run dmc
eric b & rakim
public enemy
ultramagnetic mc's
kool keith
and oh my god i'm freaking out about the return of dr octagon!!!

yeah, i got fooled last winter by a crappy bootleg called dr octagon ii but this is legit and if the rest of the record is half as good as the first single then this record is going to rock. and it comes out tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

the link to "paid in full" isn't there... (but i know you'll fix it soon so i can watch it!)

stAllio! said...

thanks. i had a - instead of an =. it should work now. (and that's one of the best videos on there. trust.)