Tuesday, June 06, 2006

world premiere! animals within animals video: "who are these people?"

seems like i should pop in here every few days even if i don't have much to say. i'm still busy working on other people's websites, with my remaining time going to television and girlfriend. but hell, it's been a couple weeks since i posted one of my videos.

also, i got my first youtube subscriber today, and i wanted to reward that person with some new content. so i was fishing through my videos, thought about posting "eggify", but finally decided to post this instead.

i put this video together a couple weeks ago, but hadn't posted it. if you have satellite tv and live in a stormy climate, you might recognize this: all the footage is taken from satellite signals that have been corrupted by local weather. if it's storming outside and the weather interferes with the signal reaching your dish, the MPEG stream gets corrupted, leading to the odd digitial distortions seen in this video. this can be seen as a downside of satellite tv: if a storm hits during your favorite show (let's say 24), you're screwed. you'll have to hit up bittorrent, or hope one of your friends got it recorded. but if you're into databending, it's one of the coolest things ever to happen to tv. (at least most cable shows are re-aired a dozen times, so you can reschedule your recording.)

this is a never before seen video! to emphasize how never-before-seen this video is, as of right now, i am the only person who has seen it to date. my girlfriend hasn't seen it. my bandmates haven't seen it. just think of it... you could be the first person ever to see the brand-new world-premiere video from animals within animals. hot damn. chances are you won't be, but can you really afford to take that chance?

but wait, there's more! not only is the video brand new, but the song, "who are these people?", has never been posted online before. before now, the song has only been available as part of the hell compilation put out by lost frog productions. (lost frog is a web-label that also released AWIA's mp3ep give me some press or kill these people. oddly, the lost frog website seems to have vanished. but at least the all the mp3s are still up at archive.org.)

the track is also tentatively scheduled to appear on AWIA's upcoming full-length release, tentatively titled parts is parts. stay tuned for that release, late this year or in 2007.

finally, with no further ado, here's the video.

enjoy, and rate highly!

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