Thursday, June 22, 2006

funny quotes

I learned from Bobby Knight that you're supposed to berate and degrade your own team, preferably right before, and you physically assault them. It makes them want to win to prove you wrong.
—stephen colbert, speculating that the reason ghana defeated the US in the world cup was because colbert had taunted ghana too much the previous night.

Cloaked in a transparent shroud of secrecy, Mike Ashley (guitar/vox) and Jeff Eakins (guitar/vox) began a musical collaboration that, in the history of rock, is rivaled only by that of Lenin and McCarthy.
—local band thesociety, comparing their tunes to the beautiful music made by vladimir lenin and joe mccarthy. or maybe they meant someone else.

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arratik said...

lenin & mccarthy - that's priceless. almost as good as berkowitz lake & dahmer.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the debate over whether the American Pie song lyric is "Lenin read a book on Marx" or "Lennon read a book on Marx."

No matter which way I had it on my website, someone would write in to correct me. Don Maclean's website says "Lenin" but his record company says "Lennon."

stAllio! said...

man, i was laughing so hard about lenin that i didn't even notice mccarthy at first.

the thing is... the BL&D name is clearly a joke. but as much as i might want "lenin and mccarthy" to be a joke (for their sake), i can't believe that it is. not from the people who, two sentences earlier, wrote that they want their music disbursed "into the collective conscience of all sentient beings in the universe who love music". (into my conscience? so it affects my moral judgment?)

arratik said...

after listening to about ten seconds of one of their songs on the nuvo website, i'd be willing to bet the back bill of my wallet that the lenin & mccarthy thing is a joke. further proof that lots of musicians are better at talking about their music in their bios than actually making music.

my favorite lenin/lennon mix-n-match was that scene from the big lebowski, when the dude was trying to remember a quote attributed to lenin and donnie kept saying "i am the walrus." cracks me up every time i see it.