Wednesday, June 14, 2006

circles: a new splash page

i've had some time in between working on websites for clients to tinker around with my own, and voilà! the old rabbit watching tv is gone (don't worry; if you miss him, he's still here). what's in his place? that's hard to predict... whatever it is, it'll likely be round.

i've been playing around with circles and round imagery to promote the upcoming animals within animals release parts is parts (ETA: late 2006 or 2007). it's only natural i would start using circles for AWIA, given the recursive nature of the band's name. the new splash page will randomly display one of these new images, so click refresh to see more. there are currently 7, but i'll stealthily add more as i complete them, so check back in perdiodically.

my personal favorite so far is "cut and paste yourself", which i would post here, but won't because it wouldn't show up properly on the blog's black background. instead, here's the chicken one:

if you want to see the rest, you need to go to the splash page and start clicking refresh. which one is your favorite? which one do you despise?

and yes, i know that splash pages are so 1997. at least it's not flash.


Anonymous said...

I'd have to say that I like the chicken and egg one the best....My other favorite is the cut and paste crusaders one.

djempirical said...

i like the cut and paste yourself one, too. they're all good, though.