Wednesday, June 28, 2006

miss ann gets a blog

miss ann, the meridian-kessler dominatrix who's being prosecuted (or persecuted?) by the city of indianapolis, has started her own blog. it's new and still short on content, but it has a couple posts about the latest developments defending herself against the city's lawsuit.

as i reported earlier this month, the city recently informed miss ann that it had a partial audio recording of a session that took place between miss ann and an undercover policeman—despite having previously denied the existence of any such recordings. at the time, the city said it would get a copy of the recording to miss ann the following week, but apparently that wasn't meant to be:

It took several phone calls, emails, and a letter from my attorney threatening to file a MOTION TO COMPEL, but we finally got a copy of the audio recorded by the undercover officer of his session with me recorded on September 16, 2005.

For those of you who are not up to date on this case, our REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION and FIRST SET OF INTEROGATORIES filed in with the court in January 2006, specifically asked if audio or video survelliance was used in the course of their investigation of my professional D/s practice. In February 2006, the city filed their ANSWER and stated audio or video tapes were NOT used in connection with their investigation.

Four months later, on June 8, 2006 (which was the day before our first round of depositions), my attorney was told that an audio recording of the September 16, 2005 session existed and that we would be given a copy the next day at depositions.

The next day we saw the CD containing the recording, but were told only one copy existed and that we would be given a copy the following Monday or Tuesday. That failed to happen. It was not too unlike their stalling to get us our copy of "Exhibit A", which is the vice undercover officer's notes that took more than six weeks to get.

a couple days earlier, she had posted complaining about the then-still-missing evidence:

On this currently withheld audio evidence, I admonished the detective's repeated overt sexual advances. The audio should also include evidence that our session was about teaching the role of submission, substantiating that I am a dominatrix who practices from a perspective of both an artist and educator. It should also include some pretty funny material of me dressing the detective up like the slut he was hoping I would be and asking him how it felt to be degraded and treated as a sexual object.

I've never advertised anything except D/s - Dominance and submission training from a psychological perspective. And I certainly believe it is improper for a submissive to EVER ask a Dominant for sexual gratification.

furthermore, in a post on the IMN messageboard (paid registration required), miss ann suggested that "It is likely that I will release sound bytes." personally, i would love to get a copy of that audio.

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