Sunday, June 11, 2006

city lies to miss ann?

it's been a few months since i posted about miss ann, the meridian-kessler dominatrix who's being sued by the city of indianapolis. the case has been progressing as most legal matters do—quite slowly—and there hasn't been much to report.

in my last post i mentioned that the case had moved to the discovery process. in february, the city filed its response to miss ann's interrogatories. now, miss ann is alleging that the city lied in that document.

as she posted on her website (as well as on local messageboard indianapolis

In our REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION we specifically asked the city if any audio or video evidence existed. In the city's ANSWER filed with the courts they specifically said no such evidence existed. "There have been no audio tapes, video tapes, or films generated or made in the course of the investigation up to this point" is the exact sentence they used in their answer and is published on this website.

the post is mysteriously vague about exactly how the city lied, so i posted on the messageboard asking for more detail. here's part of her response:

Yesterday, the city attorney called my lawyer and told him an audio tape existed.

Detective Walter Sanders (undercover cop) was deposed today. He confirmed to us that he wore a wire called a "whisper" device. He was only able to get half of the session recorded. I will have a copy of the tape next week.

sanders, of course, was the undercover officer who made an appointment with miss ann and was "forced to get down on his hands and knees and kiss [ann's] boots and feet". apparently he was wired for sound during this encounter, and for some reason the city lied about the existence of this recording in its original answer.

i don't know enough about law to know how much this matters (it sounds like contempt of court to me), but if it's true, it doesn't look good. i trust some of my readers have a better understanding of the potential ramifications.

in her messageboard post (which i won't link to because paid registration is required to view the thread), miss ann also made comments about the ongoing deposition process, closing with this intriguing comment:

We uncovered all kinds of things in depositions today including a statement Detective Sanders made that will infuriate the gay community.

hmm... what could the detective have said? miss ann offered no hints.


Anonymous said...

I will post more when I have the transcript of the first round of depositions of the city's witnesses which were taken on June 9, 2006.

Anonymous said...

I was promised a copy of the session audio a week ago by the city attorney. They still have not sent it.

Is the City of Indianapolis inept, lazy, or just plain deceitful?