Monday, September 19, 2005


so on saturday, i went down to fountain square (this was during masterpiece in a day, though i wasn't able to stick around and enjoy that event). i was there to pick up any of my unsold artwork from big car, as the collage show was officially ending. as far as i knew, none of my pieces had sold—or at least, the last time i'd been there (only a week earlier on 9/9), none of them had the signature "red dots" that signify that a piece at an art gallery has been sold.

i was in for a bit of a surprise when i arrived, though, as one of my pieces was missing. the other three were right where they had been for the last month. but that fourth piece, "circles", was gone. and the sign underneath it (labeling it) was gone, too.

as MIAD was going on, things were pretty crazy around fountain square, and when i arrived there was only one person inside the big car gallery. he was in fact preparing for the MIAD music contest, wherein contestants are randomly matched with each other and then are to create a 3-minute piece of music to be performed live for the crowd. this guy didn't work at the gallery; the person he'd been randomly coupled with did. it was then 2pm, and the contest deadline was 3pm, so i didn't want to bother those guys too much with piddly little questions like "hey, do you know if my piece is missing because it was sold, or was the person who stole it smart enough to steal the sign, too?" so i grabbed my other three collages and left, assuming that "collages" was missing because it had sold and the other pieces were still there because they had not.

turns out i did not make an ass out of U or ME. according to jim walker, "we sold one of your pieces the night of the MEMS to a Russian guy from California..."

so i sold a collage! my asking price was $30. big car charges a gallery fee of 15% for sold artwork (which i understand is relatively low; i'm definitely not complaining), so i should have a check for $25.50 coming to me. not exactly tons, but probably not bad for an unframed piece.

the only problem is that i never really got any good photos of that collage before it sold. i took a couple snapshots of it as it hung on the gallery wall, but i used a flash and that created glare. (the better of the two photos is posted above right; you can see the other by clicking here.) we meant to go back and take better photos but we never did, so these two are the only record i have that i ever created this piece. oh well; you can make out most of the details.


Anonymous said...

you know i have sold and given away so many things you want the documentaion to reflect or whatever but it is making that we accomplish inner goals monatary money and people wanting you r art is just flatery i feel you though i never got photos of piece i did for geoffe with indiana broken records all kinds of shite in art school they try and teach importance of documentation but i never do it fuck it ashes to ashes dust to dust we know stallio's shit is a must (or bust) heee haaa i like it too byuy the way cool shit is that glued onto somthing or printed out on a big printer what is it made out of ? i think i enjoy your collages as much as your music would be good to see a show highlight both @ the same time ...llike that video behind you in cinncinnatti

stAllio! said...

it's a good old-fashioned paper-and-scissors collage on black posterboard. music magazines and gluestick, with picture wire glued onto the back so it can hang... i need to figure out a way to "laminate" my collages so that i won't need to worry about the glue going bad and things falling off, paper yellowing, etc.