Wednesday, September 14, 2005

best bush photo ever

oh my god. this is a real undoctored photograph of president bush. it's a real reuters photo taken today at the united nations. somehow the photographer got in a position where he could peek over bush's shoulder, so you can make out most of the text in the note bush is writing to condi. what kind of important stuff do they pass notes about?

i thought the photos of him gazing out the window of air force one at the devastation katrina brought were embarrassing. but damn... this is worse.

the funniest part is that i bet the photographer could not read the note when he was actually taking this picture. if he was even looking through his camera at all, he almost certainly was looking through the lens or at a small lcd screen. with a viewing area that small, there is no way he could actually read the note through the camera. he just saw that he could get an over-the-shoulder shot of bush writing a note, and took it. then it turned out to say... well, that.

here is a crisper, more close-up version from yahoo:

courtesy americablog (and they got it from atrios)

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