Tuesday, September 20, 2005

music for maniacs

i never did find an online version of that dictionaraoke article, and in desperation i just posted it myself. but that doesn't mean the time i spent searching for it was wasted.

in my searches, i came across an interesting "outsider" mp3 blog called music for maniacs. and i'm not just posting it because mr fab referred to my "nuthin' but a g thang" dictionaraoke as "remarkable"... nope. check out the links to gameboy music, "moog breakbeats", the troggs tapes, the crazy russian cassette jockey (looks like unszene has some competition for use of that term!), and definitely check out this post about the st charles IL high school choir.

browsing through the blog makes me want to add it to my blogroll so i can keep up with it regularly, but it doesn't fit into any of the blogroll categories i've set up. so for the sake or orderly categorization, if i want to blogroll it i should find a couple more worthwhile mp3 blogs to add as well. any suggestions?

obviously i'm not looking for rock stuff (unless it's outsider or laptop rock), but interesting outsider, experimental, noise, anything like that would be terrific. the only mp3 blog i ever really followed was otis fodder's wonderful 365 days (now archived on the fantastic ubuweb site). indeed, i even submitted to that.

it would probably be fun to regularly contribute to an mp3 blog. i guess you could call the now-defunct mp3 of the week an mp3 blog, but i mean one that people will actually want to visit. something outsider and/or experimental. maybe something to highlight interesting collage and sampling. or just whatever we feel like posting. i don't know. i wouldn't have time to do such a thing by myself, so it would need to be a collaborative thing with a couple other bloggers.

anyway, give me your recommendations for mp3 blogs if you've got 'em.


djempirical said...

i ran across one recently, but the link is at home; i'll forward it to you tonight, if i can remember.

stAllio! said...

well, i posted awhile ago about the anti-music workshop, which is good but isn't updated all that often.

there's WFMU's beware of the blog: mp3s, which looks like a great resource.

and i thought about boomselection (remember them?), but was not all that interested in downloading anything from the front page... and then i realized it hasn't been updated since june 1st! so screw that, though i might be interested in a different, more active mashup-type mp3 blog.

arratik said...

i came across a site the other day that had some interesting afro-pop stuff - don't know how interested you'd be in that, but they lump nigerian hip-hop into that general category. a lot of the links are dead, though:


man, some of that moog breakbeat stuff is just plain AWFUL! but then, i've heard worse moog novelty stuff. i'd say that bob would be rolling in his grave, but i'm sure he's made peace with the fact that whenever an instrument is built there will be some who play it badly. (i'm sure the good folks at ableton and sonic foundry will feel that way when they hear some of my shit...)