Thursday, September 15, 2005

MMS in trouble

weird that i was just posting about MMS last night... from the indy star:

The Midwest Music Summit, a 5-year-old conference for independent musicians based in Indianapolis, is in dire financial shape.

Josh Baker, the event's lone full-time employee, is seeking $15,000 in donations by Sept. 26 to continue operations this fall.
Last December, Baker suspended operations at his recording label, Benchmark, and sought nonprofit status for the Midwest Music Summit. At that time, he said the 2003 and 2004 editions of the summit broke even financially.

The event's nonprofit status is still pending.

Jenny Guimont, deputy director of cultural tourism for the Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission, said fundraising is easier when an organization has nonprofit status.

"Traditionally speaking, you have to have that in place to receive funding from potential grantors," she said.

what i'm curious about is, if they need the money by september 26 (which is only 11 days away), why wait until now to ask for it?

it would be a shame to lose the summit.

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