Friday, September 16, 2005

excellent katrina collage by stephen mcquillen

plunderphonics fans might know stephen mcquillen for his work done under the name "the piss". he does some really interesting hyperedited sound collage, sort of like wayne butane if wayne got really political. but he's started shying away from using that name, as it can get him into trouble for obvious reasons.

he has done a great new collage piece about the hurricane katrina aftermath titled "criminal incompetence". he doesn't have much of a web presence and was distributing the mp3s via, so i offered to host the mp3s for him, as i think the piece deserves better than a yousendit link that will expire in 7 days.

so here they are. there are two versions: a high-quality 192kbps version and a smaller 96kbps version for dial-up users. please distribute widely:


(the files are actually hosted on, as after repeated tries i was unable to upload them to this site using blogger.)

also, when i asked steve for permission to host the mp3s here, he suggested another track you might also enjoy:

also, Phineas did a good one with Ray Nagen's AM radio plea for Federal action and Harry Connick, Jr.'s cover of "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans":


arratik said...

cool... thanks for posting this - i'm not subbed to snuggles anymore, so i would have missed this

Anonymous said...

I'll gladly thank you again, stAllio! This track took a week to finish, and I'm glad it's being appreciated and disseminated.

Everyone please, in the build-up to 2006, check back for info. on Sensory Research's "Plundercast" online radio station which is (likely) coming (back) soon! It will mELt Y0uR bRaiNnNnNnNnNnNnnnnN!!!

Keep checking back with:


-"pissy" Stephen McQuillen

djempirical said...


particularly the Kanye part. sweet-ass, man.

stAllio! said...

yes, the kanye part is nice... i originally thought it was an edit (a flawless edit) but it appears to have been taken by this "cover"/mashup by the legendary KO. (as mentioned on metafiler)