Thursday, November 04, 2004

what is wrong with blogger?

i checked my blog this morning & it had reverted to just showing my css template again! ack!

[update: i'm at a serious loss for what's causing this. i'm pretty sure it's some kind of blogger publishing error (since when blogger is busy or buggy it doesn't always publish completely or correctly), but have no idea how to fix it. right now it appears that all my blog pages are normal except for the 10/17/2004 archive page... and that page appears to be there in its entirety, but when i view it i see the html code instead of the actual page... anyone know what causes that? i've tried updating the doctype but it doesn't want to stick. maybe later today blogger traffic will slow down & it will publish normally.]

[second update: i have figured it out. my folder structure shifted around during the server move, & i had fixed it in one place in blogger but not in others. it is now fixed throughout.]

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