Wednesday, November 03, 2004

it's not over, but it's messy

well if kerry wins, it won't be by a landslide.

msnbc & fox have called ohio for bush. without ohio, kerry cannot win. msnbc is even spinning this as "kerry campaign refuses to concede ohio". here's their photo caption for the story:

Supporters of President Bush cheer early Wednesday morning in Washington after the television networks declared Bush the winner in Florida and Ohio.

note how it says "the television networks"... the obvious reading would be that all the networks have called ohio for bush but kerry is in denial.

but that's not true. as of right now, cnn has called ohio officially "too close to call". abc & cbs haven't called it either. cnn is talking quite a bit about absentee & provisional ballots, which won't be counted until ten days after election day.

there are perhaps a million uncounted absentees in florida too, but for some reason nobody hesitated to project bush for florida.

it is way past my bedtime & i need to sleep. when i awake, i do not expect this to be over. but hopefully, by then msnbc will have pulled ohio from the bush column.

even if bush does win ohio, there is still the possibility of a tie...

this is ugly. i hope i can settle down enough to fall asleep.

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