Tuesday, November 23, 2004

made for walkin'

check out my new boots:

okay, not exactly my boots; that's actually a catalog image... but yes, i have a new pair of FUBU boots (i think i might have to call them "fuboots"). apparently this style is called the "thug-2". i truly have thug boots. true pimpin'.

my father used to sell shoes many years ago, and to this day he enjoys going shoe shopping. so on sunday, knowing that winter is coming and that i had no boots for such weather, dad suggested we go out boot shopping for an xmas present.

i would've been quite happy to go to the army/navy surplus as i historically have, but local army/navy stores have been slowly disappearing over the years, and the one in my 'hood is apparently closed sundays. so en route to castleton, where there might still be an army/navy store (but i don't remember if it's still there), dad suggested we go to designer shoe warehouse. dsw doesn't have combat boots but they have lots of work boots (and thug boots, apparently)... i spotted these little fubu numbers and the rest is history.

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