Thursday, November 11, 2004

cat's pajamas

got up early this morning to take leland to the vet for his x-rays & blood tests. he's there now, likely unhappy or at least confused, but the vet said he hoped to be done by noonish, at which point i will go pick him up & take him back home... then return to the office.

apparently he is not getting an ultrasound today. there was some confusion about this last time: they technically don't do ultrasounds in-house at this place (the paw patch in broad ripple), although sometimes they'll have an outside crew come in to do it. i was under the impression that this was what i was scheduling for, but apparently not. the good news is that this will cut $200+ off my bill for today! that's cool. but the bad news is that, of course, if it's determined that leland still needs an ultrasound after today (which is likely), i will still need to set up another appt to do so... most likely i will take him to noah's pet hospital, where they do ultrasounds and have a specialist in-house, as opposed to bringing him back to the paw patch yet again.

anyway, hopefully i'll know more in a few hours. i have no idea how long it takes for feline blood tests to come back: if they have a lab in house, they might have the results for me when i pick him up, but having dealt with human doctors & human blood tests before, i know better than to count on that.

the poor kitty, stuck in the doctor's office all morning...

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