Wednesday, November 03, 2004

hurry up and wait

it's not over & it might not be for days. kerry is behind but not out yet. ohio might not be decided for days, and there's something really fishy about the florida numbers even though the media has called florida for bush (why do the official florida returns have a zero in the turnout column for all the most populous counties? what about the potential 1.6 million uncounted absentee ballots in florida? michael moore also has one hell of a long list of florida voter irregularities).

and is it a coincidence that the two most-conservative networks (fox & msnbc) have called ohio for bush but nobody else will?

some people have already given up. mercifully, kerry isn't one of them. he still has a chance, though i'd be lying if i said it looked good.

now we wait, either for the rest of the votes to be counted, or for someone to usurp the process.

in local news, indiana has elected its first republican governor since evan bayh took office in '88. but bayh himself is going strong, absolutely crushing his opponent marvin scott (scott was the only person on earth who thought he could unseat bayh). bayh is a democrat, but arguably a DINO. my representative julia carson has kept her seat in the house, after a race that flipped a few times as results came in.

ps. blogger is giving me some weird error where sometimes instead of seeing my blog you will see my css stylesheet... wtf? so last night's 2am has not been visible apparently.

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