Wednesday, June 11, 2008

beyond satire

after melyssa/miss ann dropped by in the comments of my previous post (at least i think it was her); i decided to stop by her blog, the hoosiers for fair taxation blog. at least i think it's still her blog—she made a big deal earlier this year about her growing political disillusionment and stated that she was going to pass the blog on to a successor, but i don't think that's happened yet.

i stop by HFFT every once in a while for a chuckle, but i was utterly unprepared for what i found there today. this is the current top post at that blog, in its entirety, with links from the original:

FoxNews reports rumor that government will unleash weapons on convention protestors

Big thanks to Sean Shepard who alerted us to this disturbing news article on FoxNews. Obviously a serious rumor is circulating that the government intends to unleash a dibilitating sound frequency on activists and citizens exercising their first amendment rights during the democratic convention in Denver this summer. The sound causes people to involuntarily defecate.

Now contrast that with the Marines and their training exercises happening here in Marion county. The conservative Indiana Minority Report suggests that the government is preparing to install martial law and is practicing in Indiana. Could it be that they will impose martial law and use force to silence property tax protestors?

some bloggers are easy to parodize, but this... i couldn't write a parody of this if i tried. where would i even begin?


Wilson46201 said...

Darla and Melyssa have a synergistic effect it seems...

M Theory said...

Got to be ever vigilant. Who would have thought that operatives directed by FEMA would break into law abiding citizens mansions in New Orleans to confiscate their guns leaving them utterly defenseless in against looters.

It happened. They literally came in and forced homeowners to give up their guns at the threat of gunpoint.

One gentleman I saw in a YOUTUBE clip was actually handcuffed and restrained in front of his mansion for daring to mention his 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Later local cops came by and offered to drag a corpse in front of his house as a warning (and his only defense) against looters.

I don't make the stories up. I let you know what people are saying and let you make up your own mind.

The "crap cannon" story started based on stories being circulated by whining democrats. If you paid attention, you would know that.

Thanks for reporting on us...although your site maybe drives two or three hits to us when you link us.

Most of our referred traffic comes from Advance Indiana (sometimes 100 hits a day) followed by Hoosier Access and Frugal Hoosiers. Sometimes we get big spikes when the tax rallies are picked up by national media.

Maybe you should find something more newsworthy to report than HFFT's link to a FoxNews story.

This only makes you seem petty and vindictive about the fact that I will not turn the undercover cops audio file over to you to do God knows what with.

The offer is still open to let you listen to it on my computer in my home. Anytime, sweetie. Just ask. You'll find it as boring as I did.

stAllio! said...

you honestly think i still want to hear that tape? no thanks. the depiction in indianapolis monthly was more than enough for me.

and the idea of you—who dedicated your entire existence to destroying bart peterson for about a year—calling anyone else "vindictive" is absurd.

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between me engaging the electorate to vote in a new mayor and your picking on bloggers who report or analyze the news.

My life and all I worked for including my Meridian Kessler home was used for political gain by Bart Peterson.

I am nobody's victim, darling.

Peterson damned near cost me everything and made it really hard for me to work in the private sector again. (I landed on my feet only due to my persistence and outstanding work references.)

Bart had it coming. I was quite correct in my first instinct when he called that news conference in 2005 back when I was completely naive about politics.

My instinct was if my mayor (I voted for twice) would throw my life under the bus with a pack of lies, then what else is he lying about?

That notion caused me to set out to learn absolutely everything I could about Peterson, the city council, the politics, and the players.

Had he left me and my personal freedom alone like a good liberal should, he would probably still be mayor.

I tried to tell you all I was into the psychological domination and not so much the physical. I guess the proof is my ability to humilate that liar on a national stage, huh?

Mayors should never pick on their citizenry for their own political gain. That's so tacky.

And bloggers should never launch personal attacks on other bloggers unprovoked. Cause you know at the end of the day we all want the same things...someone to love, a nice place to live, meaningful work, safety, and good food.

Don't be so tacky. All this should be beneath you and makes you seem like a vindictive asshole.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ann... a legend in her own mind. It is disappointing that she chose to use only 2 personas here and skip the "wow you're awesome" comments she likes to leave herself on other blogs. Tin foil hats, anyone?

stAllio! said...

i would probably be more receptive to melyssa's pleas for human compassion and sympathy if she were capable of directing the same emotions toward democrat politicians. but apparently, barack obama, bart peterson, and the like don't want "someone to love, a nice place to live, meaningful work, safety, and good food" like we bloggers do.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8am. Are you so ashamed of your opinion of me that you post anonymously? You must truly fear me.

Anonymous said...

I support democrats once in a while.

In April 2008 I gave $100 to democrat precinct committeeman Abu Henderson's campaign for his primary run against incumbent chair of the House Ways and Means, Bill Crawford.

When was the last time you gave $100 to a democrat's campaign and who did you give it to? I suspect I've given more money to democrats this year than you have.

Abu works hard in his neighborhood and is a real grass roots kind of guy that I respect.

Abu is also the councilman who stood up in a city council meeting last year and shouted out that fellow democrat Patrice Abdullah's residency disqualified him to sit on the CCC. Abu has hutzpuh.

Let's look at democrats whose actions against the People that I despise.

Andre Carson accepts more money from out of state lobbyists than he does from his district. No doubt who he serves. His congressional office (funded by our money) doesn't respond to citizen requests for information.

Carson also lied right after he won the special election and told us that he would never miss a vote. He missed many votes in Congress. He also missed about 10 votes on election day. His office told me he wrote to Congress for persmission to miss votes. The thing is that he doesn't work for Congress...he works for the people. His office also said that it is common for candidates to miss votes on election day which I have no problem with. However, Carson said INSPITE OF THE PRIMARY RUN, he would never miss a vote.

Carson is a liar to the people.

Peterson lied to citizens, tried to lock us out of a city council meeting, gave us a city budget for 2008 that is a royal mess, and screwed unnecessarily with my life.

Obama hangs out with thieves and thugs in Chicago...see Rezko and Ayers. Also, he's got problems with Larry Sinclair who I just know in my gut is telling the truth. If you lie around with dogs, you are gonna get fleas and in my opinion Obama is filthy.

In my work as a Domme, I learned a whole lot about particular lying men.

Obama has never unified a damned thing in America as he claims. In fact fellow democrats will likely demostrate at their own convention. Obama has DIVIDED his party.

When the media catches on about his corrupt or racist friends, he denounces them. This shows lack of judgement in those with whom he keeps company and a lack of loyalty to people he proclaims as friends.

Until about 4 months ago I was going to vote for Obama until I looked for proof of what Obama said was true and could not find evidence that he's good to run our country.

And further, Obama has ZERO executive experience, as a Jr. Senator, he is not particularly qualified to direct this nation's progress.

Back in the summer of 2005 I tuned into conservative talk radio to "keep tabs on the enemy", those evil conservatives that kinksters told me were ruining the world.

That's when I learned how wrong I was about so much I believed.

Now I make sure I get my news from a little bit of everywhere and read conservative, liberal, and libertarian sources.

You should do the same and get off the koolaid.

And regarding my lack of support for liberals...well I'm planning to will my house after my death to PBS because I watch Channel 20 more than any other channel and I learn so much from them. It don't get much more liberal than PBS.

You don't know squat about me. You just think you do.

stAllio! said...

nice try, but your support of abu henderson was as much about defeating bill crawford as anything else.

and if you really think that "[i]t don't get much more liberal than PBS" then you don't know squat about liberalism. you just think you do.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so right about Bill Crawford and how much I want him out of the legislature.

I'll never forget what disdain he showed those taxpayers that came to the WTHR Forum filmed inside the state house. He said on the panel with his arms tightly crossed the whole time looking over his glasses smugly at the people who were desperately afraid of losing their homes.

Crawford (and the others)completely ignored Michael Rowe's question as to why the legislature ignores Article 8 of the Indiana Constitution and taxes homeowners for schools. That was the only question asked that night that was not answered. Did you happen to catch that?

But you have no idea how much I adore Abu Henderson, his courage, his honesty, and how hard he works. He's a good man and would make an excellent representative of his district at the state level.

And again. How much money have you given to democrats this year? Any at all? Or do you just blindly back the party regardless of what heinous crimes against the citizens they pull?

stAllio! said...

i tried to stay out of the primary because i had no strong preference in the various races. now that we're in the general, you'd better believe i'll be donating to the obama campaign, and possibly others.

M Theory said...

Since you are so fired up about Obama, please help me understand something.

Exactly what has he unified? He says he can unify America, yet even rogue groups of Democrats are threatening to protest at their own convention.

SO again, please give me evidence that Obama has unified anything.

stAllio! said...

give him time: it's only june! the general election isn't until november.

M Theory said...

And another thing...why are you whining about my attacks on George Bush? Is it ok to attack Bush, but not corrupt democrats?

stAllio! said...

i'm not complaining about your attacks on bush; i posted this link to complain about your laughable suggestion that obama is a "marxist".

Anonymous said...

I'm not the only person in America who thinks he's a Marxist. You think he is going to come out and say he is and have a chance to win the white house? That's not how communism will spread in the 21st century.

Here are google search results.

1.3 million links

529,000 links

430,000 links|

418,000 links (most declaring he is not)

163,000 links