Tuesday, October 23, 2007

san diego is on fire

readers with crisp memory might recall my family roots in san diego: my mother grew up there. my parents met there. my girlfriend grew up there and her parents still live in the area.

so i just can't get myself worked up about the silliness of indiana politics while massive fires rage all over southern california. half a million people have been evacuated from their homes in an area i visited less than a decade ago. virago has been spending a lot of time investigating how closes the fires have come to her parents' house in escondido (answer: very close, but they hadn't evacuated as of a couple hours ago.) in light of that, who gives a shiz about governor daniels' property tax plan?


Unknown said...

and my friend laura lives in valencia which has fire issues too...

Anonymous said...

Many moons ago I lived in Oceanside and later in San Diego. The morning news today spotlighted the bizarre whirling fire balls hitting Oceanside! I recognized the area; what a scary awful sight now added to my otherwise wonderfully scenic and happy memories.

My thoughts are with them.