Monday, October 29, 2007

mr yuk is green

talk about your inexpensive costume ideas... all i needed was some posterboard, a bit of elastic, and some green paper (in fact i've had this green adhesive-backed sticker-paper for years and am finally gettting use out of it, what with this and the handmade parts is parts cds). just print it out, cut it out, and mask it up! they're a bit flimsy, but are so inexpensive that i made twelve of the things, which should be cool for future group photos.

the show saturday night was pretty cool. bobby vomit started things off in style, with an "i didn't mean this to be a set but i guess it is" performance on the ones and twos. classic vomit.

i went next, choosing to get my set out of the way early, which is always nice if you don't care how many people are there to see you play (though the crowd wasn't too small, really). i played some old halloween material, some stuff from droplift 2, and some electro-type beats i've been working on for possible future projects. people seemed to dig it.

next up was cellular narcotic, who did an improv electro set using a whole slew of korg electronics: korg synths, korg drum machines, and more. his set didn't sound too bad, but we were really hoping that he would do some circuit-bent stuff like the stuff on his myspace, so the korgs were a little disappointing.

then came gerald stokes, who did some pretty abrasive breakcore-style stuff. it didn't sound too bad. however, gerald was quite visibly drunk and i had to wonder what his set might've sounded like if he were sober enough to stand up straight. sure enough, later in the evening he ended up puking on the basement floor and having to be taken home.

next up was common dominator. he did some solid breaky material, at times melodic and at other times just good hard breaks. very nice stuff. he also had some free cds, so i made sure to snag one.

at some point, baconhanger played. i'm not totally sure when that was, and i didn't get any photos of him because i was upstairs at the time, but we could still hear the music coming up through the floor and it sounded good.

around this time came murkbox. his set was criminally short, but there wasn't a dull moment.

after murkbox came sir vixx. sir vixx did a laptop set of high-quality breakcore, with a mic so he could scream vocals from time to time. sir vixx danced frantically along with his tunes and he also did something else interesting: he lip-synced to his samples. i'm not sure i'd ever seen anyone do that before, and definitely not to that extent. still, it worked for him, and he just oozed stage presence. in a night full of good performances, i'd have to pick sir vixx as the best of the evening, because he really put on a show.

next up, i guess, was humdrum, who rocked the house in classic electro style. i'm running out of things to say at this point, especially about people i've seen play dozens of times, but what else is there to say but "he played a bunch of cool electro"?

while humdrum played, tmi/tmo set up his large array of gear on the floor. then he performed. i'm not sure how to describe his set... it was dark. it was rather abstract. it was, i guess, industrial, but i don't remember it having a lot of beats per se. still, i remember it sounding pretty good and i look forward to hearing the recording. (as far as i know, everything after my set got recorded.)

finally came the set i'd been waiting all night for: muerto zoke. zoke has become almost a legendary figure among bad taste circles, with his disorienting, intense sound. like i wrote on his bad taste bio: el muerto zoke is more "stunt rock" than stunt rock himself is these days. this is what cognitive dissonance sounds like. and his set didn't disappoint; it was everything i hoped it would be.

by this point it was 3am and virago was passing out from sheer exhaustion, so we weren't able to stick around for the final performance of the night by dr. butcher m.d.. then again, i've seen him play probably more than any other artist around (other than maybe bobby vomit), so i didn't mind missing it. still, i'm sure he put on a great set of high-quality breakcore as usual, so if you're into that stuff you would do well to check out his myspace or better yet download his album for free from the bad taste ears page.

so that was it! i have photos of most of the performers here. like i said, i didn't get any pics of baconhanger or drbmd, and for obvious reasons i didn't get any of myself... but i do have more pics of my costume here.


djempirical said...

i went with the also inexpensive (but still creepy!) "dj empirical" costume.

stAllio! said...

i saw that. pretty cool.

before coming up with the mr yuk concept, i dabbled with the idea of dressing up as dr. butcher m.d. or bobby vomit, or some other member of my crew. but i didn't have a lot of good photos to work with.

then i had the mr yuk idea, which was pretty perfect considering mr yuk is the semi-official bad taste logo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the positive marks.
All i really remember is when it was done, the room looked empty.
glad you checked it out.

i had cd's upstairs as well.
5 were grabbed, im considering it
a win in that department.

Alot of the night was a blur.
Considering i was mainlining alcohol. Then i realized i had to still set up.

Sir.Vixx did win the night though.
I was on my cellphone with a friend on oklahoma he was
fucking impressed.


there was a politician that got sued for using the mr.yuk in his TV ads. I saw it on the news a
few months ago. I saw it and thought
of B.T.

Gerald Stokes said...

I still cannot believe they did not film me puking