Wednesday, October 17, 2007

look who's not talking about droplift II!

in early september, a lazy journalist at a "webmag" that will not be named noticed a blurb at the top of proclaiming that "Droplift II is in the works!"

thinking that would be a nice subject to do an article about—because "some people are doing the same thing they did a few years back" is such a compelling storyline—he sent an email to the contact email about setting up a possible interview.

his request was quickly passed on to the snuggles mailing list, the creators of droplift, and the ensuing thread inspired me to create droplift II.

so today, more than a month later, the journalist sent this message to the droplift contact person, who happens to be named craig (with a C):

hi Graig. after the "hype" of droplift II turned into a prank, i don't think there's a theme for an interview anymore. good luck with your projects!

so apparently there will be no droplift II writeup in his webmag. i guess he didn't appreciate my prank. c'est la vie. it does make for an interesting timeline, though. to wit:
  1. journalist decides to write puff piece about "droplift II", unaware that the album is not actually in production and will most likely never be released.
  2. journalist's inquiries (in part) inspire an artist to create and release a parody compilation called "droplift II".
  3. journalist promptly loses interest, not realizing the role he himself has played in the story.

to me, that sounds like a much more interesting "theme" than whatever nonsense he thought he was going to get, but then i would think that.

p.s. did i mention droplift II?