Thursday, October 18, 2007

the daily show: favorite indiana moments

the daily show has a brand new website, and it has videos from every episode, all the way back to jon stewart's first episode on january 10, 1999!

unfortunately, even that is not far enough back to see the mythic segment on bob kern, the felon who tricked his way onto the ballot against dan burton in '98. this segment is of particular interest because it allegedly also features kern's then-campaign manager and now-wingnut jocelyn tandy adande. unfortunately, because it aired during the kilborn era back in may of '98, this video will probably never turn up on any official daily show site. (so if some politically-savvy hoosier happens to have it on tape somewhere, get that shiz on youtube!)

for now, if you want a bob kern fix, you'll have to make do with this, which has a couple short clips of kern along with other wacky candidates that have been featured over the years. right at the end, there's a shot of kern in a parking lot (it appears to be clearwater crossing) walking next to a woman in a polka-dot dress who i suspect is jocelyn, but there's just not enough to tell.

still, there's tons of other videos on the site, so you're sure to find something of interest if you look. if you want to relive bobby knight getting fired, it's there. so is this segment about sewage in evansville. and these videos mocking mike pence for comparing baghdad to indiana in the summertime. or who can forget classic indiana moments like this or this?

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Anonymous said...

Until now, I never knew I needed a "Bob Kern fix."

This is awesome.