Thursday, September 20, 2007

our new loveseat

when we moved into the new place, virago insisted on throwing out her old couch and getting something new. the old couch was perfectly sound structurally, but had a few large holes in the upholstery and smelled a bit like dog. personally i felt it would be easier to just keep the thing rather than figure out how to get rid of it, find a new one, and then figure out how to get that one to our new place.

then my mother suggested home reserve. home reserve is a mail-order outfit (located in fort wayne, indiana) that makes couches, loveseats, chairs, and more. you assemble the furniture yourself out of jigsaw-like hunks of pressboard, and can later disassemble/reassemble it when it's time to move. they have 100 different fabrics to choose from, so if you get tired of one, you can order a new fabric and switch it up.

finished loveseat in context

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