Wednesday, September 19, 2007

in other news...

the indy star has finally learned its lesson regarding all the disgusting hate speech that would appear in their talkback section whenever they would post anything muslim-related. now, when the star publishes a story about local muslims, like this one about footbaths at the airport, they simply turn off talkback! it's that easy! but don't worry... the racists still have places to leave their vile comments, like over at gary welsh's advance indiana!

speaking of gary... apparently now he's in favor of dumpster diving, as he heaps praise on a journalist for "rummag[ing] through pharmacy dumpsters". i'm sure he'll be apologizing to wilson allen any day now.

in the not-exactly-news department, hoosiers hate high property taxes, but don't know what to do to replace them. and no matter how much the right-wingers holler, people don't blame bart peterson for the property tax mess. people might not be happy with the way things are in the city, but they're not so unhappy that they'd vote for that ballard guy, whoever he is.

and kanye west has demolished 50 cent in first-week sales, selling half again as many albums as fiddy sold. now 50 cent will begin the long process of backpedaling from his promise to quit rapping.

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