Monday, September 17, 2007

droplift II?

as some of you know, i'm a member of the "snuggles" mailing list, ostensibly a list devoted to the culture-jamming collage band negativland, though n-land doesn't really come up that much.

over the past decade, the members of the list have banded together to release several online compilations of collage music, some of which have generated serious media attention (the first to really get attention was droplift; most recently there's been dictionaraoke and free speech for sale, which seems to be down, if not down permanently).

but it's been a few years since the last comp. so every six months or so, someone will post about doing another project, generically referred to as "droplift II", and then there'll be a brief discussion about it and then everyone will forget within a week. there is even a blurb at the top of the droplift site that "Droplift II is coming!" and a similar note at the bottom of every snuggles email... despite the fact that work has never even started on such a project.

until now. last night, some presumptuous bastard posted this message to the list:

Hello everybody.

I got tired of waiting for you guys to get around to recording
Droplift II, so I went ahead and made it for you.

All you need to do is download the mp3s from Rapidshare, upload
them to the Droplift site, and you're done! Well, I guess you
might need to make some HTML files, too.

1. Sharp Implement - Growing Up
2. Cannibals Eating Cannibals - Theme from Droplift II
3. Naked Rabbi - Cars That Go Boom
4. Orchid Spongiform Encephalopathy - Flesh's Art Trash Self
5. WRPLU - What's Lesbianism?
6. the Brainiac Figures - Havin' a Ball
7. Paranoid Exporter - Unravel
8. Stallone - A Parliament of Ritz
9. The Sh*t - My First Girlfriend
10. The Former Czechoslovakia - Adman's Lament
11. Duane Pisstake - Droplift the Needle
12. Brain Shivers - Questionable
13. Orchid Spongiform Encephalopathy - The Search for Meaning


a parody compilation... all the band names are parodies of snuggles bands or bands that appeared on past snuggles comps. and surprisingly, it's pretty good! though a bit on the short side (it's only 30 minutes long).

unfortunately, there was just that crappy rapidshare link to the audio. that wouldn't do, so, at least temporarily, i've posted the mp3s to my site (much like i did for stephen mcquillen a couple years back).

so here it is:

if you're into mashups, collage, plunderphonics, et cetera, you'll probably enjoy it.

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