Wednesday, September 19, 2007

hey kids, want to be in "my indiana in voices"?

i stopped by the star's opinion section because i heard that marion county prosecutor carl brizzi had a letter to the editor. it was kind of dull; turns out he's concerned that his bar investments will suffer underage kids will start drinking because of a recent court ruling allowing hoosiers to order wine online. (today's tully column was a more interesting read.)

but while i was there i noticed this fantastic opportunity! apparently there's this summer tradition whereby you can tell the star your "stories about life in indiana" and they'll, like, print 'em in the newspaper. on august 5th and 12th, 2007.

you'd better hurry, though, 'cause the deadline is july 30, 2007!

(click the pic for a larger shot, clearly showing that this screenshot was taken on september 19. in 2007.)

i know i pick on the star a lot, but it's so easy! and the more people they lay off and refuse to replace, the easier it gets!

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