Monday, December 25, 2006

happy holidays

it's christmas day, so for all of you who celebrate the holiday, have a good one. for those who don't, keep on rockin' with your bad self.

it's early, but my family already exchanged gifts... in addition to a few cool dvds from my amazon wish list, i got my first laptop! now that's an awesome gift! (and convenient timing, too, as my desktop computer has been having some trouble playing civilization IV, glitching out and crashing for some reason, but the new laptop plays the game beautifully.

this new machine will allow me to blog from the road, edit (or do other work) from anywhere i choose, and will also surely work its way into my live performances. (my dj performance rig fits nicely into a trunk, but isn't so sturdy as to fit into an airplane cargo hold, for example.)

here's hoping the rest of you have a pleasant holiday season.


arratik said...

dang! that desktop's already starting to go kablewey? didn't you build that thing less than two years ago?

as the husband of and technical advisor to an hp owner, you might want to think about getting a new copy of windows xp w/sp 2, wiping the hard drive clean and starting with a fresh install, especially if you're going to be working with audio or video. it's frightening how much system resources the hp oem software gobbles up. also, i see that your box comes with 1gb of ram. if you can swing it, i would max that out. especially if you're planning on upgrading to vista - which i wouldn't do until at least the second or third "service pack".

stAllio! said...

the desktop seems to run just fine the rest of the time (and i regularly open up audio software, various image editors, and watch live tv over the computer). but for some reason, it's started getting video errors while playing the game.

as for vista: it's funny, just the other day i was thinking, oh shit, starting next month, all the new computers will have vista preinstalled, which means if i buy a laptop i'll get stuck with vista! little did i know there was a laptop waiting for me under the tree.