Saturday, December 23, 2006

back to school

it's a christmas miracle! the two knightstown kids who were expelled for making a horror movie parody in their spare time will be allowed to return to school. judge sarah evans barker steps into the santa role, saving these students from the grinchy administrators who tried to steal the school year:

Judge Sarah Evans Barker granted a preliminary injunction ordering C.A. Beard Memorial Schools to let Cody Overbay and Isaac Imel return to school for the second semester. She heard arguments Friday in federal court in Indianapolis.

Barker also ordered the school to allow the students to make up any work they had missed since their expulsions began in October.

A teacher character in the movie, which was filmed off school grounds, has the same last name as a teacher at another district school.

The boys sued on First Amendment grounds, and their attorneys argued the expulsions violated Indiana law, which allows such action for an activity unconnected to school only if it's unlawful and interferes with school operation.

obviously, nothing about the film was unlawful or interfered with school operation, so now the students get to return to school, though they'll have to struggle to make up for the months of missed schoolwork.

as is often the case, the talkback comments accompanying the indy star article are... let's say intense.

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