Saturday, December 30, 2006

the lord loves a hangin'

so that's it. saddam hussein has been hanged. if anyone deserves the death penalty (and i'm not convinced anyone does), butchers like saddam do. but is this really the best we can do? a show trial, an appeal that literally lasted 15 minutes, and then a rush to execute the man in the dead of night? this wasn't justice; this was vengeance.

and why a hanging? in a way, it's rather fitting, because in this country it symbolizes a style of wild-west justice that meshes nicely with bush's cowboy image. saddam had a beef with bush's daddy, so bush raided his land and had him lynched. it's all so primal.

(and if saddam's crimes are so enormous that he deserved to be killed, what does that say about those from the reagan administration [rumsfeld etc] who propped saddam up in the first place?)

it reminds me of this classic ren & stimpy bit, which was later banned (though now available on dvd):

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